Ruts in Grass

This afternoon as I walked my bicycle up a very steep hill near my house, I noticed riding lawn mower ruts in the grass of a neighbor's yard.  At first, one or two, but then more became visible as I rounded the corner.  

It was ironic.  In trying to beautify, they had made their property ugly.  A tool made to control had created a mess.  Of course, part of the reason why those ruts were there is because the slopes were WAY too steep for a rider.  

Questions began to swirl in my head.  Did the owners mow it?  Or, even worse did they hire a professional to do it?  I thought of analogies like how beauty chasers alter and ultimately destroy their bodies in a vain quest for looks or how in the pursuit... or make that the purchase of happiness drains not only the back account but the soul.  

Ultimately, the take away for me was there are tools in horticulture that make our lives easier.  But, we need to make sure that we are using the tools appropriately and that they are actually helping us accomplish our goal.  We are here to improve and enhance life—not destroy it.  

It is February, and I'm sure the scars will heal once the grass begins to grow again.  But, the mark on my mind stays.  


Today, I saw Sanguinaria canadensis (bloodroot) in bud and the first Vinca major (bigleaf periwinkle) blooms open.