Here are the current projects I'm working on.  This page was inspired by Derek Sivers's nownownow.com project.  

  • I'm overhauling my Fruit and Vegetable Production class for the fall at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA).  I'm also planning an event called An Edible Evening for students to teach people in the community about how to grow their own food.  
  • My student apprentices and I are continuing to redesign and beautify the agriculture building at SFA.  We have almost completed our redesign of the Sprout garden, and for the summer we will begin installing a rain garden, a new path, and some ornamental beds at the front of the garden to welcome visitors.
  • I'm sorting through photographs that I took last summer.  
  • I've been biking into work every chance I get.  It's a 7–8 mile round trip.
  • I'm excited for attending the Perennial Plant Association's symposium in Denver this summer!  
  • I'm working on getting work from my PhD and postdoc at NC State published.
  • I'm developing a talk for the Speaking of Gardening Symposium in Asheville, NC.  

Last updated June 2017.